1000 Phrases and Words in Spanish (With Audio)

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My name is Aldo and I'm from Mexico City.

I know that at first it will be difficult to understand Spanish pronunciation, but if you practice and get used to the sounds over time it will be much easier.

In the following list of the most common phrases for Spanish speakers, you will find the phrases and in the mp3. file you will be able to listen to all the phrases so that you can practice easily. You will be able to understand the pronunciation with a native speaker.


  • 1000+ Spanish words and expressions with English translations
  • With audio tracks, you can listen to (72 minutes in total)
  • Covers all possible travel scenarios you can encounter in Mexico (from your arrival in the airport including travel emergencies)


1. Basic questions

2. Basic questions at the airport

3. General travel expressions, transportation, directions 

4. Airplane

5. Taxi 

6. Train. 

7. Bus, Car, Subway

8. Car, motorbike, bicycle hire 

10. Directions 

11. Sign. 

12. Time. 

13. Days of the week. 

14. Months and seasons. 

15. Numbers. 

16. Accommodation.

17. Bank. 

18. Sightseeing. 

19. Coffee, restaurants drink food. 

20. Menu Breakfast Food. 

21. Fruits. 

22. Beverages. 

23. Measures. 

24. Colors. 


26. Bookstore and stationery. 

27. Photography. 

28. Post Office. 

29. Telephone and Cell Phone. 

30. Weather. 

31. Emergencies. 

32. Church. 

33. Sports. 

34. Shopping, barber, and beauty parlor. 

35. Health Hygiene. 

36. Mexican Slang. 

Praise From Others:

"This guide is a MUST for anyone learning Spanish or looking to travel to a Spanish-speaking country. It's a handy reference to phrases that you are sure to use on your trip, and will help you get around with ease. These are the most useful phrases and vocabulary for traveling and were really helpful. Thank you!". Christine Hall. American Student. 

"This book is very useful for anyone traveling to Mexico or any Latin American country. Its design is simple and easy to use. It is also a good recommendation for anyone who needs to practice and expand their Spanish vocabulary. The phrases of Mexican idioms are also very interesting.". Mei Kanzaki. Japanese Student. 

"The book is really great! I absolutely love the format and style- it is so simple and easy to navigate. The vocabulary is perfect for anyone visiting a Spanish speaking country. I love the special Mexican section which is useful especially with the different word meanings which could get foreigners into sticky situations if misused!". Isabelle Mallon. British student.


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You'll get a Book with audio tracks you can listen to (72 minutes in total)


1000 Phrases and Words in Spanish (With Audio)

0 ratings
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